History of Res Nova

The spritsail barge Res Nova left the shipyard in 1895 in Groningen. The ship was built on the wharf of the Brothers Verstockt in Martenshoek. From its launch through 1960 the ship was owned by the Kruize family from Stadskanaal. The ship bore the name Annechiena Siberdina. During her first years of service the ship was likely part of the Denmark trade. Later the main routes most likely lay in the Wadden Sea and South Sea. Up to the end of the fifties she served as cargo ship under sail, during which time she sailed without an engine. The sailing area covered the South Sea, the Wadden Sea, the East Sea and the inland waters in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In the sixties of the twentieth century the ship was taken out of service and used as the floating club house of the foundation Pro Juventute in Alblasserdam.

In 1986 Reint and Els Dragt purchased the barge and renamed her “Res Nova” (new case). For two seasons they returned the barge to its original splendour turning it into one of the most authentic large barges of the professional sailing community. During those days Res Nova was also and for the first time fitted with an engine. During restoration a great deal of attention went to originality and the traditional traits of the hull and rigging. The authentic silhouette was kept as close as possible to its original, in an attempt to preserve a piece of Dutch history. Insiders say the efforts have met with considerable success.

In 1998 Mike Veldhuizen and Monique Haverkort bought the Res Nova and maintained it in an excellent condition all those years, in spite of its intense use in the charter business. At first they ran the Res Nova from Zwartsluis, later from Lelystad, the Batavia port.

In 2005 the Res Nova was purchased by Saskia and Maarten van Nieuwland. We love to welcome you aboard for a taste of the glory of the old sailing trade.

In the winter of 2013 the Res Nova has completely been renovated in order to deliver you more comfort and safety. Through the use of warm and high quality materials you can now enjoy a particulary comfortable and very atmospheric ship.

The Res Nova is registered with the “Landelijke Vereniging tot Behoud van het Historisch Bedrijfsvaartuig (LVBHB)” (national registry for the preservation of historical company vessels) under number Sbase 333

The Res Nova is registered in the national registry for sailing monuments of the federation of old Dutch vessels (FONV) under number 1194

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