Res Nova on the inside

res nova, prachtige groninger tjalk

Via a staircase at portside you enter the hull which used to hold the ship's cargo. The hall has two toilets, to the right is the day room while the left holds the sleeping quarters, the so-called cabins.

The day room measures about 25m2, has plenty of daylight, an ample kitchen and 3 tables with pillowed benches. In the kitchen you will find 2 fridges and a professional stove with a large oven. The kitchen is equipped with a large enough inventory to prepare an excellent meal for 25 people. There is radio-CD installation, an on board library, a games chest, a safe for the on board register, sufficient storage and 230 Volt outlets.

All 18 beds are divided over 5 cabins (1x 2-persons and 4x 4-persons). All cabins are high enough to stand up and have 2 lighting points, 230V outlet, bunk beds with decent mattresses and reading lights, storage space under the beds, a washing table with hot and cold water, a central heat radiator and at least 1 window or porthole which can be opened for fresh air. As a standard we provide all guests with a clean bed sheet, pillow and pillow case prepared on the bed. Renting blankets and blanket covers is optional.

The hall by the cabins holds two showers and two tiled toilets which can simply be flushed, no pumping required for Res Nova toilets or showers. That hall also offers plenty of coat hangers to keep coats and rain protection out of the cabins.

resnova inside

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