Res Nova on the outside

res nova, prachtige groninger tjalk

The Res Nova is a one-master spritsail barge from Groningen built in the year 1895. Ship and rigging are made from iron and the hatches are in wood. A special feature of Res Nova is its rudder, just as in the old days the Res Nova has an appended rudder with a helm wood. To brace yourself to the helm wood, the afterdeck has a beautiful ‘chicken run’. That afterdeck offers a nice view of the ship and our guests are of course more than welcome to take the helm on the afterdeck, help us out or navigate. The afterdeck also houses the controls for the mainsail and the lee-boards.

The deck-house of the Res Nova is still in its original place, it used to house a family with 7 children. The deck-house is now the private quarters of the skipper. In front of the deck-house lies the hatch cover, great for sitting or lying about in the comfy sitting bags we have on board.

The forward deck houses the mast, this is where we hoist the sails, the mainsail using the winch and all other sails by hand. The forward deck and the front hatch cover also offer delightful sitting, lying or just hanging around. The woodwork turns the forward deck into something of a comfortable sitting den with back supports.

All the way at the front of the ship are the anchor winch and before the ship is the 7 meter long jib boom with the jib sails. In beautiful weather, the jib net under the jib boom is just perfect for undisturbed daydreaming.

Measurements of Res Nova:

  • Length of the ship: 24 meter
  • Length including rudder and jib boom: 31 meter
  • Width: 5 meter
  • Height: 23 meter
  • Depth: 1,1 meter
  • Weight: 79 ton
  • Displacement: 79 ton nett, 146 ton gross
  • Sails: Mainsail, Jib, Large jib, Small jib, Topsail, Water sail
  • Total sailing surface: 355m2
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