Welcome on board

The Res Nova is a one-master spritsail barge from Groningen built in the year 1895. Insiders affectionately call her one of the most beautiful “heavy tjalks” on the Dutch waters. This former sailing freighter has been converted to a sailing passenger ship with a traditional exterior and comfortable interior with 18 good beds, showers, toilets and a rather complete kitchen.

This ably sailing ship cuts the waves of Lake Ijssel, the Wadden Sea and their surrounding waters with the Batavia port in Lelystad as its home port. Departures from a different port are of course, upon request, also possible. The journey is always planned together with the guests, taking into account weather and other conditions. More information on the navigable area can be found here.

res nova in the pieper race

Sailing on the Res Nova is a joy for anyone who loves water, nature and freedom. You do not need to have any sailing skills, our crew has ample experience. We do appreciate it if you lend us a hand. Guided by the experienced skipper and sailor you can learn how to get the ship ready for sailing and how to hoist the sails. Active crew members can help out to their heart’s content and if you prefer to sit this one out, there are surely plenty of others on board to share your load. After all, you are on vacation. During the journey most of your company will enjoy endless relaxation, take the wheel or have a delicious bite to eat. Every now and then we call all hands on deck to help when we go about or jibe, which never fails to spice up the day. Once we arrive at the day’s destination, the skipper has all the inside information on local activities. Whether you want to cook on board in the evening, or enjoy a night out on the town, it is all up to you.

The Res Nova is captained by a crew of at least 2 people: a skipper and a mate. The crew gives priority to hospitability, safety and the pleasure of sailing.


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